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Sue's Sweets Custom Chocolate Shop

Chocolates! Made just like how you always dreamed them to be!

There are chocolates and then there are custom chocolates! Sure, just about anyone can go pick up a branded chocolate bar at a store around the corner. Where is the fun in that though, especially when you are looking for personalized chocolate gifts!?

On the other hand, when you have chocolates whose shape, color, taste, texture, ingredients and pretty much every other component is decided by you and you only, you truly have a memorable chocolate that can make any occasion a really, really special one.

What makes Sue’s Party and Gift Chocolates so unique?

We understand that when it comes to chocolate, folks like you don’t mess around. A bad chocolate can ruin a day. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but not by much. We take our chocolates and your satisfaction seriously.

First, our chocolates are handmade and hand painted in small batches. Great care is taken to ensure that our chocolates are detailed to your taste.

We leave nothing to chance. When you bite into one of Sue’s Sweets, we want you to experience the same delight that all of our customers do, both visual and in taste.

But more than that, we want it to be fun. Our unique, custom designs bring joy to parties, baby showers, family gatherings, or any occasion.

Sue’s Sweets are available in dark, milk, white, colored, and suger-free chocolate and are custom made just for you.

Call Sues Sweets at 248-413-7000 to discuss your custom chocolate fantasies!